About the District

The Grove Community District was created by Special Act of the Florida Legislature pursuant to and under Florida Statutes Chapter 189 Special Purpose Local Government Act to assure timely, cost-effective, and high-quality design and implementation of infrastructure.

GCD is a limited, single and specialized purpose Local Government whose single and specialized purpose is to provide infrastructure, including community development systems, facilities, services, projects, and improvements. A five-person Board of Supervisors governs the District. Members must be Florida residents and United States citizens. In addition to the general powers that allow the Board to conduct its work, its Special Powers include: provision for utilities, maintenance, construction and waste collection. The District may borrow money, issue bonds, and levy taxes and/or special assessments, user fees and charges.



June 23, 2006

Creation Document:
House Bill 1483 (PDF) (RTF)

Statutory Authority:
Chapter 189, F.S.

Board Selection:
Landowners’ Election

Local Governing Authority:
Okeechobee County